Increasing the efficiency of patient examinations & charting gives a doctor more hours in the day to deliver care. The SharpNote Scribe Service frees up a physician’s time by harnessing the services of a highly trained remote U.S. based medical scribe. The doctor dictates abbreviated patient findings into a HIPAA app, and the scribe pairs those abbreviated dictations with data from their templates & EHR to create accurate and detailed patient notes.


  • Turnaround of 24 hours or less
  • Document directly into the EHR
  • Easy-to-use app interface
  • US-based scribes
  • 1:1 scribe/physician relationship
  • HIPAA compliant, safe & secure
  • Non-intrusive for patients
  • Service designed specific to your practice

SharpScribe will deliver everything they promise. They will develop the service to meet your specifications, and train your scribe in the idiosyncrasies of your office flow and charting preferences.”
 – Satisfied Physician Practice Manager

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