At SharpScribe, we ease today’s pressures on physicians and give them back time, a valuable commodity in today’s practice. But the benefits go beyond time, impacting more than just the physician.

Using a scribe can also:

  • Gain back the physician-patient relationship and trust.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction with the physician’s focus on the patient, not the record.
  • Protect patient privacy with virtual, non-invasive service.
  • Support appropriate E/M billing levels.
  • Deliver timely record completion.

Best of all, the benefits achieved with SharpScribe services can be recognized at a cost less than the revenue that can be earned in the time the physician gets back.

Founded by experienced healthcare and financial specialists who recognized the inappropriate and inefficient use of the physician skill set for routine documentation tasks, while simultaneously understanding and supporting the value of an electronic record environment, SharpScribe supports the vision of the right people doing the right job at the right time.

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“I am not averse to electronic records; in fact, they provide me (and my patients) with some great benefits. I can say without hesitation that a scribe has helped me realize improved documentation, a more focused attention to my patients, and the ability to see more patients in a work day. I can’t imagine going back to life without a scribe.” – Thankful Physician

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