How SharpScribe Improves Your Bottom Line

With the transfer of the majority of EMR documentation requirements from physician to scribe, the excess time available to the physician has value beyond the cost of the scribe.

Assuming a busy physician who sees 25 patients a day, spends 6 minutes on average per patient on EMR documentation, works 22 days a month, and takes 1 month vacation per year, let’s look at the numbers for the PortalNote scribe service.

We estimate a busy physician will increase their annual net profit (after cost of scribe – estimated $1,100/month) by roughly $60,000.  More importantly, regain your lifestyle by not have to document at home in the evenings!

“I am not averse to electronic records; in fact, they provide me (and my patients) with some great benefits. I can say without hesitation that a scribe has helped me realize improved documentation, a more focused attention to my patients, and the ability to see more patients in a work day. I can’t imagine going back to life without a scribe.” – Thankful Physician

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