Most Urologists spend their day rushing from room to room and from patient to patient, often seeing as many as 35 patients a day.

As patient volume increases so does the amount of paperwork & charting. SharpScribe estimates that the average Urologist is able to see additional revenue of $50,000 – $75,000 per year if an additional 3 patients per day are seen in a 3-day (clinic) week.

At SharpScribe, we ease today’s pressures on physicians and give them back time, a valuable commodity in today’s practice. But the benefits go beyond time, impacting more than just the physician. Best of all, the benefits achieved with SharpScribe services can be recognized at a cost less than the revenue that can be earned in the time the physician gets back.

SharpScribe is the documentation specialist of choice! We have best-in-class scribes, all located in North America. We DO NOT offshore scribes. All scribes are medical school graduates (M.D.), and we assign “backup” scribes to each physician, so the physician is always covered.

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Over the past couple years, it has been disconcerting to me that my physician spends more time looking at his laptop than at me. I am so happy his eyes are back on me and my concerns, and I appreciate that this happens without another person watching my examination.” – Happy Patient

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