SharpScribe Mission:
To provide efficiencies to busy physicians and practitioners, partnering with them to complete timely electronic record documentation needs.

Core Values:

  • Patients deserve physical privacy during appointments.
  • Doctors deserve to primarily focus on patient care.
  • Documentation needs to be thorough, concise, complete, accurate, timely, and compliant.
  • Scribes can provide service to support all of the above.

Service Commitment:

SharpScribe is committed to providing an individualized scribe service, specific to the practitioner and/or practice, to enhance documentation for coding and compliance needs. We are experts in healthcare documentation. We will define your service level based on your needs and preferences, not make you fit our mold. We will never let go of our focus on quality. We will be unrelenting in our pursuit of your satisfaction, guaranteed.

“SharpScribe will deliver everything they promise. They will develop the service to meet your specifications, and train your scribe in the idiosyncrasies of your office flow and charting preferences.” – Satisfied Physician Practice Manager

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