The requirements associated with being a Radiation Oncologist can often seem overwhelming, particularly when seeing new patient consults, which can last 1-2 hours each.

As patient volume increases so does the amount of paperwork & charting. SharpScribe estimates that the average Radiation Oncologist is able to see additional revenue of $40,000 – $50,000 per year if an additional 2-3 patients per day are seen in a 4-day (clinic) week.

At SharpScribe, we ease today’s pressures on physicians and give them back time, a valuable commodity in today’s practice. But the benefits go beyond time, impacting more than just the physician. Best of all, the benefits achieved with SharpScribe services can be recognized at a cost less than the revenue that can be earned in the time the physician gets back.

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Over the past couple years, it has been disconcerting to me that my physician spends more time looking at his laptop than at me. I am so happy his eyes are back on me and my concerns, and I appreciate that this happens without another person watching my examination.” – Happy Patient

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