Scribe Services

  • Virtual scribe service: iPad used in patient exam room.
  • Personal scribe service: scribe present at patient visit.
  • SharpNote scribe service: merged dictation & template.
  • PortalNote scribe service: upload rounding sheet into HIPAA portal.

How SharpScribe Works

  • 1:1 scribe/physician relationship for all services; back-up scribes available.
  • All scribes located in U.S., NOT abroad.
  • Scribes are medical school graduates.
  • Physician is verbose during patient examination, scribe listening and charting, real-time.
  • Physician uploads rounding sheet into HIPAA portal, scribe retrieves and completes notes.
  • Physician signs/approves completed notes.
  • Service is HIPAA compliant, safe and secure.

Discover how SharpScribe scribes exceed expectations

I love how the SharpScribe model provides me the opportunity to work directly, one-to-one, with a physician, so I don’t have to rotate from one doctor to another. I can provide service uniquely specific to that physician, and with time, I actually can anticipate what she needs and prefers and have it ready. – Content SharpScribe Scribe

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