For You:

  • Improves ability to focus on your patient and observe non-verbal communications
  • Minimizes clerical intervention (more time doctoring, less time charting)
  • Reduces post-work record completion requirements, gives you back free time

For Your Patients:

  • Increases patient comfort and privacy
  • Virtual model is non-intrusive to patient’s personal space
  • Improves patient satisfaction with physician’s direct focus on patient

For Your Practice:

  • Adds patient visits without adding work hours
  • Improves receivables with timely charting
  • Improves thoroughness of charting, reduce denials, capture acuity
  • Potential for improved profitability

Over the past couple years, it has been disconcerting to me that my physician spends more time looking at his laptop than at me. I am so happy his eyes are back on me and my concerns, and I appreciate that this happens without another person watching my examination. – Happy Patient

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