Making patient rounds at various facilities takes time and energy, leaving a doctor with little of either to take detailed notes. The PortalNote Scribe Service gives physicians back their time by customizing “rounding sheets” and enabling the uploading of those rounding sheets into SharpScribe’s HIPAA-compliant portal. By delivering physician time-saving and accurate patient documentation, this scribe service enables doctors to focus on what they do best: caring for patients.


  • Upload “rounding sheets” to HIPAA compliant portal via smartphone or tablet
  • Turnaround in under 24 hours (many times the same evening)
  • Charting is complete when provider leaves the facility
  • Document directly into the EHR
  • US-based scribes (medical school graduates)
  • 1:1 scribe/physician relationship
  • HIPAA compliant, safe & secure
  • Non-intrusive for patients
  • Service designed specific to your practice

“I am not averse to electronic records; in fact, they provide me (and my patients) with some great benefits. I can say without hesitation that a scribe has helped me realize improved documentation, a more focused attention to my patients, and the ability to see more patients in a work day. I can’t imagine going back to life without a scribe.” – Thankful Physician

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