A physician faces a long list of daily responsibilities. Any task taken off their plate means more time available for patient care, personal time, and less risk of burn-out. Our Personal Scribe Service puts a medical scribe physically in the exam room to document patient information. Because the medical scribe takes care of the all the charting, along with other requested medical and/or administrative tasks, the physician can take time to focus all their attention on the patient’s needs.


  • In-person scribe service
  • Real-time charting
  • Scribe can provide additional medical/admin tasks, in addition to real-time charting
  • Document directly into the EHR
  • Charting is complete when provider leaves the clinic/facility
  • US-based scribes (medical school graduates)
  • 1:1 scribe/physician relationship
  • Service designed specific to your practice

I love how the SharpScribe model provides me the opportunity to work directly, one-to-one, with a physician, so I don’t have to rotate from one doctor to another. I can provide service uniquely specific to that physician, and with time, I actually can anticipate what she needs and prefers and have it ready.” – Thankful SharpScribe Medical Scribe

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